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Content warning: bones, violence

Picking the bones of OSR clean and crushing them underfoot

OSSUARY is a minimal, one-page dungeon delving system. It's been designed with speed and play-by-post in mind — the rules are straightforward, the character sheets are simple, the rolls are handled by the Bone Collector (aka GM).

In this game a Bone Collector guides a group of players through a game of traps, terror and treasure, where creative problem-solving is key. 

Features at a glance:

  • 3 randomly generated stats — Spine (strength), Femur (dexterity) and Skull (willpower) — represented by die sizes (d4, d6, d8, d10, and d12)
  • core stats double up as HP
  • pseudo-lifepath character generation and equipment
  • emphasis on lvl 0 funnel play
  • freeform classes and abilities beyond lvl 0
  • micro adventure hidden within the rules

Example character sheet:

Spine: d8
Femur: d4
Skull: d10 
an empty promise 
...who wants to...
eliminate a nemesis 
Stick [0]
Vial of weak poison

24 additional character options are available in the A Heap of Bones supplement.

Level 0 Character Generator:

Here’s a handy little HTML tool for making funnel characters really easily. You can use it on your phone or desktop (no download required).

Make your own content:

  • adventures
  • settings
  • classes
  • abilities
  • equipment
  • additional rules
  • …whatever you want

Please share with me so I can admire it. If there’s enough demand I’ll make a jam!

Play-by-post advice (for Bone Collectors):

  • On a Discord server create a category for your lvl 0 campaign
  • Create a channel for each player, generate 4 characters per player and post them in the respective channels
  • Create a channel with ground rules and be explicit about content warnings, safety tools and expectations around how frequently everyone should post
  • Create a private channel with just you and a dice bot
  • Invite your players to the server/category and ensure they have notifications switched on
  • Amend characters' stats/statuses/equipment in the players' channels as required (use strikethrough formatting for elements that might return back to their original state/value)
  • Have fun!

Submitted as part of:

Tiny Tome single-page RPG jam

Update: OSSUARY can be found in print in the published Tiny Tome anthology by Long Tail Games.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(35 total ratings)
AuthorAlfred Valley
Tagsdungeon, Dungeon Crawler, OSR, post-osr, Tabletop role-playing game, usage-dice


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So I just read this and I don't think I have ever come away so mind boggled by something in TTRPGs. The game is a wonderful bare bones bit of brutal OSR done elegantly on two sides of a sheet of card, but then I noticed the note "underlined = micro adventure" and read it back through and have just been in a resnx for like 5 minutes!


Now this is exactly the reaction I’m after! Thank you.

No! Thank you. I am absolutely chowing down on this bundle of joy!

Love the game, is there any sort of supplement for classes though?

Hey! There's a supplement that expands the character creation table: https://alfredvalley.itch.io/ossuary-a-heap-of-bones. However, I think maybe you mean classes as in beyond lvl 0? In which case, no, not at the moment unfortunately.

(1 edit)

Now, why didn't I come up with that name. Kudos! Solid game.