Have you found all the secrets?

The pdf for the Thousand Empty Light dust cover has now been uploaded to the itch page.

The main reason for this is that there are three main 'secrets' to uncover across this project: two in the core zine, and one on the dust cover. These all lead to some bonus lore content.

As of writing this, 7 people have discovered the first one. No-one has discovered the second or third.

Happy hunting!


Alfred Valley - Thousand Empty Light dust cover v1.0.pdf 369 kB
Dec 04, 2022

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I was about to run the adventure this evening but got caught up with the secrets and I couldn't stop until I found all three! Excellent stuff. I'm also planning to run this for another player after I give it a go myself, as an intro for Mothership. Any tips?

Ha, love the dedication! No particular tips for running this for someone, should run easily enough I think. I’d love to hear how you get on.

Oh my god this module is so awesome! Just ran it and for my solo character and found the three secrets. That was SO COOL! Thank you for this!!!!

My character miraculously survived but took so much stress and panic. I decided to continue playing her and made up a head cannon about what she found and it giving her some paranormal/psionic abilities. Should be interesting to see where this goes!

Awesome! Where’s she off to next?

Good question - I’m still hemming and hawing over that one! There are so many modules it’s tough to decide. I often have a hard time getting started due to being overwhelmed with choice. Any suggestions? I want to keep going solo and experiment with using your ORACLE system. I really enjoy it!

I don’t have any particular module recommendations (tbh I think it’s hard to go wrong, there are so many strong ones) but I’m really interested to hear how you get on! Im guessing your character gets picked up and shuttled out of TEL 022? 

Ooh or a submarine could come pick her up and you could segue into Alone In The Deep: https://smurphy-games.itch.io/alone-in-the-deep

Ooh, that's so good! I was going to have her interviewed by Hazmos at the end, and have no memory of what she saw, but I love the idea that  maybe she instead kinda blacks out, leaves through the fontanelle, and ends up getting picked up by this sub... Yeah, let's throw more at her before she gets outta there  - LOVE IT. I will let you know how this goes! Since I'm solo'ing it, I know there is a chance she might die, so we'll see haha. I'm playing it kinda careful because of that.

Poor thing! Yeah, I'd love to hear how you get on.

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I found the one in the dust cover (ALFRED...) and the "missing" password. Figured out /L. Nice graphic design. Changed the zoom in the PDF reader to "show".
Found the /O and took a while for the password (lowercase!). Great easter eggs (and book, and storyline)!

Thank you for your comment and glad you managed to figure them out! The lowercase on the /o is a mistake on my part (I fiddled about with the password recently). I have amended it to be uppercase to match the decoded message.

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I found /O, gave me a .WAV and a .PNG... Not a clue what /P could be that Password eludes me.

EDIT: Just found /L and got another .PNG

The more I read this module the more I love it. The secrets, the system, the visuals and the writing. All is perfect for me.

It really makes me happy seeing people find these bits!

Thank you very much for the kind words.

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Dang, /O has been eluding me for months. Every now and then I try new things, but I really can not find the clue that will unlock it. I could unlock "Vault" and "Fell stroke", but knowing that there is a document AND a wav file behind /O... I guess I have to keep trying to unlock this last bit!

EDIT: Ok, just found /L and with this I got all 3 documents: "Fell Stroke", "Vault" and "Deep", plus "Item O". These are great! Nevertheless, password for /O I am pretty sure that it did not work first time I used it some months ago but now it did. Well happy to finally have all 3 secrets"

what am I missing here? ITCHIO/P (I got the ‘T’ wrong in the photo - fixed in hindsight…)

almost looks like a url…

I’m hunting for the password as I type… it’s still missing as yet.

Fucking got it! Still looking for the password for ‘O’

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You would be the first to find O.