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Hello! Love this, I just made a resentful man haunted by his memories of cultists, dead parents and travelling theatre troupes. One thing I noticed just now was that there's no rule for when the coin points back at the X at the center, what would you say happens then? Cheers, Fluff

Glad you had a good time with it, thanks for leaving a comment.

In that scenario I would move back to the X (drawing a line if there isn’t already one) and start from there again. Does that make sense?

Okay, yeah that makes sense! Thanks for the reply, and the generator!


Fun fact: "idman" is an Arabic loanword in Turkish which means "training"


Interesting, thanks for posting that. Glad the meaning isn’t completely inappropriate!


Alfred Valley always seems to find amazing combinations of coins, pen, paper, and the intricacies of oracle and character-making. Exceptionally cool work as always!!


Hello just wanted to say this is super cool!! Thankyou for making something like this 😃