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Tight and evocative. I can see myself using this along with any other game or as a standalone game just as easily. Kudos. I'm inspired.

Thank you!

Love this so much! This would be a great mini-game to use in an existing TTRPG.

One question - did you intend for the player to decide the amount of dice rolled beforehand, or did you intend for them to add dice depending on the outcome of the preceding die rolls? I could see it working both ways!

Good question! Intention is for the player to decide how many they roll in response to the results. 

I may add to this one day. I should have specified that the ‘exaltation’ is granted for a limited time. Also I reckon if you are acting in a way that particularly pleases your patron you can get a +1 to your results (could work similarly for specialised skills).

This is rad

Thank you!